Got Cracked Pavement?

We'll fix it fast with driveway crack repairs in Gardiner, Brunswick, ME and surrounding areas

Cracked, bumpy pavement makes for an uncomfortable ride. And, if ignored, the cracks can expand and grow damaging weeds. Above & Beyond Sealcoating can make sure your pavement stays sealed and smooth with driveway crack repair work.

Let our professionals:

  • Clean out all the cracked areas
  • Remove any growing plants
  • Fix the cracks by filling them in with hot rubberized sealant
  • Let the sealant cool to a smooth finish

We'll keep your drive smooth and easy. Once you're ready to restore your pavement, dial 207-441-9809 today for driveway crack repair work in Gardiner, Brunswick, ME and surrounding areas.

Keep your business looking professional

We understand the hassle of maintaining every area of your business. To help lighten your load, we're here to take care of any parking lot repair work you're in need of. With the best products, we'll fill in any hazardous cracks or minor potholes around your business. Then, we'll edge your lot to leave your parking lot with a neat finish.

We want your business to achieve the professional, clean look you need. Let our team take care of the parking lot repair work by contacting us today.