Restore Your Driveway Back to Black Matte

We specialize in residential sealcoating services in Gardiner, Brunswick, ME and surrounding areas

If your driveway looks dull and worn-out, talk with Above & Beyond Sealcoating about residential sealcoating services. We specialize in applying thick sealcoating to driveways, which produces a smooth, black matte finish.

Once you call us in for a job, you can expect us to:

  • First, clean off any dirt and debris from the pavement
  • Edge the pavement for a crisp finish
  • Fill in and cracks and minor potholes
  • Proceed to lay the sealcoat

You'll be able to drive on it as soon as 24 hours. When we're finished, your driveway will look brand-new. Call our driveway sealing company today at 207-441-9809 to restore your driveway back to black matte in Gardiner, Brunswick, ME and surrounding areas.

What are the benefits of sealcoating?

Restoring your driveway with residential sealcoating can come with a variety of upsides. After our team is finished with the job, you'll benefit from:

  • A protective layer on your asphalt
  • A smooth, professional look for your driveway
  • A decrease in cracking and weathering in the future
Sealcoating adds beauty and durability to your driveway at the same time. When you're ready for an upgrade, give our driveway sealing company a call.